A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

slight bug with the game, to keep ending screen from appearing once game is active press the caps lock key and hold the space bar for as long as you can. Do you have what it takes to reach a new limit?  This game was inspired by an old dream of a future career, when i was younger my dream was to become a member of the Marine, to live fight and serve my Country. The Platypus was also one of my favorite animals growing up, such a weird creature so relating as a kid being weird and embracing the nerd and being recruited, working hard in training and being one of the few and the proud to be recognized as a member of the united states Marines

Install instructions

Once downloaded, select the zip file and place all files into a new folder. Then select the local operating system (Windows, Mac, etc) and run the .exe file with the files.


Jumping_Platypus-171213a.zip 3 MB